5. Private Peering Inclination Signals a More Attractive Peer.

a. The “Big Players” privately peer with each other, and some even loath Public Peering fabrics for historical reasons. Adopting this attitude puts one in the company of the largest Tier 1 ISPs in the world. “For certain very large networks, Public Peering makes no sense at all. For certain very small networks, Public Peering may make perfect sense.” Or put more harshly, “if you think that Public Peering is a good idea, you’re just not large enough yet.”

Three Key Points about Internet Peering

Three key points often get lost when one is first introduced to Internet Peering. It is worth reading the following points a few times:

Route Announcements

Routing announcements are the mechanism for propagating reachability information between networks, and we use the color and/or the name of the network to graphically (Figure 11-3) represent these announcements.

Note that the solid black marker in the routing announcement indicates a default route, the route that can be used to reach any destination in the Internet.